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    Known as boom lift, cherry picker or manlift, these versatile lifting machines play an important role in so many applications. If your business relies on transporting employees or critical materials to elevated work platforms and hard-to-reach places, a boom lift is essential to your success.

    Knuckle boom, also referred to as an articulated boom, has at least 2 hinged sections, allowing for greater boom maneuverability for jobs that require reaching over and above obstructions. Most articulated boom lifts have zero tail swing and are equipped with a jib that allows the operator to precisely position the work platform to achieve maximum work productivity and safety.

    Straight boom lifts are often called as telescopic boom lifts. These lifts offer greater horizontal reach than other types of aerial boom lifts. The boom can be extended, raised or lowered from vertical to below horizontal. Even with the boom fully extended the lift can be maneuvered for precise operator placement.

    Ben's Express offers boom lifts in various models that allow reach heights of 9 metre (30ft) to 45 metre (150ft). These lifts are available in diesel and electric. The rough terrain models allow you to traverse difficult jobsite terrain. The electric models are best suited for indoor use but will work well outdoors provided the lift is operated on smooth hard surfaces such as concrete or asphalt.


    A forklift is a powered industrial truck used to lift and move materials short distances.

    Ben's Express offers diesel engine fork lift with range of capacities from 2.5 ton to 5 ton, both high and low mast for your specific needs.

    Personnel Lifts are electric powered 1-man lifts that are self-propelled. These platforms are easy for one person to setup and get to work within minutes.

    Their light weight and compact size make them well suited for interior work as well as being perfect for light-duty construction purposes.

    They are safer, have small working envelope for manouvering around corners and more efficient alternative to ladders.

    Ben's Express offers personnel lifts with a reach of up to 14m (46ft) and capacities up to 136kg (300lbs).

    A scissor lift is a type of aerial lift that is constructed to lift a person up and down vertically.

    Scissor Lifts are ideal for interior or exterior applications where ample working space and lifting capacity is needed, and maneuverability is essential.

    Electric Scissor Lifts are environmentally friendly, with low noise levels and no hazardous emissions, and some models are equipped with non-marking tires.

    For outside use, scissor lift can come equipped with a diesel engine, four wheel drive with all terrain tires. Scissor lift can also come equipped with outriggers for use on uneven surfaces that add stability when operating the unit.

    Ben's Express offers a wide range of scissor lifts with working heights of 4 metres (13ft) to 15 metres (50ft) and capacities of up to 1134kg (2,500lbs).